Chewing Gum Removal

Do you have a carpet or flooring coated in chewing gum and not matter what you do you just cant get it off? Call us in and we can get rid of that tough stuff to make your floors shine!

Carpet Clean


There is no need to buy a new carpet and have it laid! With our carpet clean we can bring the life back into any carpet saving you money so you don't need a new one!

24 Hour Reactive Maintenance

Don't panic if you've got a maintenance job that needs fixing ASAP we can come out to your location and fix that around a time frame that fits you! As well if we are cleaning your venue and you notice you need a fix too, we can combined them both into a single quote for you!

End of Tenancy Clean

Worried about not getting your deposit back? Don't worry! PCS can come round an clean up your let and help you fix all them spills/leaks/grime so you can get that deposit back in full!

Caravan Cleaning

We offer a caravan cleaning service to refresh your personal caravan or perhaps you own a series of caravans that need cleaning before letting, we offer that too. No amount of vans is to many for our highly trained staff and we always love helping you refresh your caravan.

Oven/BBQ Clean

Do you have a old greasy BBQ or oven that you never got round to reviving? We offer a clean to bring you oven or BBQ back to life. We don't mind getting our hands dirty so let us clean your oven/BBQ for a one of price!

Licencend Venue Clean

We offer a repeat cleaning service for nightclubs/late night venues/ bars and other licensed venues. This can be a one of deep clean to resurrect a re-opening nightclub or a weekly refresh of your bar or even a daily clean. 


House Clean


No one likes to come back from a holiday or business trip to a dirty home! Drop you keys of with us and we can completely clean your house so you come back to a home that feels new!


All theses service can be used in conjunction toward a single quote! Email or call so we can discus a way to may your life cleaner!